Evaluate workdays easily with the VIGO app

Reflect on your workday in just two minutes: what gives you energy, what costs energy? And make a few notes to remember what happened that day. VIGO collects your input in your personal app.

Analyze and optimize your work-energy with VIGO Insights

Understand what motivates you at work through the use of your personal dashboard. You receive advice and practical tips on how to optimally use your work-energy and profit from your efforts.

Take control and create your own flow@work

VIGO inspires you to take initiative to increase your own work-fitness. The tips and advice about your work-energy can be implemented easily and VIGO helps you to ask for focused and specific support from colleagues and/or managers. You will see that conversations with your manager or coach are more effective because you know what you need. This helps you to be in control of your work, your personal development and ultimately your happiness in work!

Curious to see how VIGO can increase work-energy and results within your organization?

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