How work-energized
is your organization?


Employees, it’s in your hands!

Nowadays, as an employee, you can be in charge. With a unique tool from VIGO you can monitor your work-energy and gain insight into what you need to perform optimally and subsequently increase your work-happiness.


More effective managers

A one-time annual performance review is outdated. VIGO supports employees to be in continuous dialogue with their manager. Discussing what they need to perform better! Allowing conversations to become more personal, more effective and more result-oriented.


More successful organizations

The organization that supports and enhances the work-energy of employees has a head start compared to its competitors and also attracts more talent. With VIGO organizations acquire ongoing insight into the work fitness of its employees and has the possibility to actively promote this. Work-fit employees have been shown to perform better.

Who can use VIGO?

VIGO supports employees, teams and organizations to perform better

Track, measure, analyze and optimize your work-energy

VIGO provides you insight

For only two minutes each day, you can reflect on your work day with the VIGO app: what gave and what costed energy? The personal online VIGO dashboard identifies trends and analyzes specific time periods and offers specific advice on the work drivers. Read more


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