How to maintain a
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How to keep up your work-energy in these times?

We live and work in challenging times! Combining work demands with home life for example. And missing out on personal face-to-face contact and support of your colleagues and manager. How can you meet all these demands and without depleting your energy? VIGO enables you to monitor your work-energy level and gain insight what you need to perform.


How can I succesfully support my employees with their development?

I would like to help my employees as much as possible with their personal development . With VIGO I can much better facilitate them since they gain insight in what they need to be able to function optimally and grow further.


Virtual coaching with a personal touch

As a coach you are used to have in-depth conversations with your coachee in a face to face 1-on -1 setting. Suddenly the way we can coach has changed because of the absence of regular face to face meetings and the private setting. Getting straight to the point in terms of energy drains and gains, VIGO enables you as a coach to have focused and personal conversations with your coachee, via the telephone or on-line.

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VIGO supports employees and teams, even in these challenging times

Track, measure, analyze and optimize your work-energy

VIGO provides you insight

For only two minutes each day, you can reflect on your work day with the VIGO app: what gave and what costed energy? The personal online VIGO dashboard identifies trends and analyzes specific time periods and offers specific advice on the work drivers.


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