Who is VIGO made for?


Gain insight into what generates and what drains energy in your work

And learn how to keep working on your work-fitness. This is what VIGO assists you with.

VIGO empowers you to take control and develop yourself to your full potential. The personal tool provides up-to-date insight into what gives and costs energy in only a few minutes a day. You receive specific advice in a 100% confidential environment. This puts you in control and enables you to identify what you need to thrive and perform optimally at work.



Be more personal and effective in coaching people

By using VIGO, the employee has a better insight into their own needs

VIGO helps your employees to take ownership of their personal development. With the personal empowerment-tool employees have up-to-date insight into what they need to gain more energy from their work and to be able to perform better. With the VIGO insights they can identify what they themselves can do and you can coach more effectively through focused attention.


Develop a strong connection between employees and the organization

With VIGO you enable employees to take ownership of their own development

VIGO helps engage and retain your talent, by allowing employees to take ownership of their own personal development. With the personal empowerment-tool employees have up-to-date insight into what they need to perform better with more happiness at work. This way HR can provide more specific training and coaching and strengthen the bond between the employee and the organization.



Increase productivity and performance within the organization

With VIGO you encourage and enable employees to use their energy more efficiently, and therefore benefit themselves and the organization.

VIGO helps the organization perform more efficiently and effectively through optimal deployment of human capital. With this personal empowerment-tool, employees have more control over their work-energy, they are encouraged to fulfill their potential, ensuring talent is engaged and retained. This contributes to the growth of the organization.


Perform better by taking action as a team

VIGO provides insight into the team’s work-energy and encourages collaboration

VIGO helps teams monitor and analyze their work-energy. The VIGO team dashboard gathers anonymous data from individual team members and provides a concise overview of what the team can do to improve their collective performance. This leads to more effective and pleasant collaboration and strengthens the team spirit.


Curious to see how VIGO can increase work-energy and results within your organization?

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