Who is VIGO made for?

For you as an employee

Gain insight into what generates and what drains energy in your work

And learn how to keep working on your work-fitness. This is what VIGO assists you with.

These are challenging times to do your job. And that is not easy! Especially when you need to combine working virtually with the demands from home. How can you make sure that you keep up and still get the best out of yourself and your work? The personal app provides up-to-date insight into what gives and costs energy in only a few minutes a day. You receive specific advice in a 100% confidential environment. This puts you in control of your work-energy and enables you to identify what you need to thrive and perform optimally at work.


Manager in these times?

Be more personal and effective in coaching people

By using VIGO, your employees have a better insight into their own needs

Your employees need a lot of support, especially now. The workpressure is high and the circumstances are not easy, especially when they work from home. With VIGO you enable your employees to reflect daily and ask themselves "how am I actually doing?". Based on these collected insights, your employees can indicate precisely what personal support they would like from you. And it provides you with the opportunity to give that kind of attention which is actually needed.

Human Resources, crucial in these times

Keep your employees workfit and engaged for the company

With VIGO you enable employees to take ownership of their own work-energy and development

This is a time where the employees of your organisation experience quite some pressure. Many need to combine working virtually with their situation at home, and that is quite a challenge! Especially now they need support and attention although there is hardly time left. With VIGO you enable employees to gain insights in what they need to stay healthy and function optimally, so they can take action and indicate what support they would like to get.


Organization under pressure

Optimal commitment from your employees

With VIGO you encourage and enable employees to use their energy more efficiently, and therefore benefit themselves and the organization.

These are critical times and the commitment and retention of your employees is very important. They might work remotely now, but their engagement and motivation is crucial for the future of your company. With VIGO you can support your employees to use their work-energy optimally for themselves ánd the organization. With this personal empowerment-tool, employees have more control over their work-energy and can actively ask for support from their colleagues or manager.

Virtual teams

Perform better by taking action as a team

VIGO provides insight into the team’s work-energy and encourages collaboration

You are part of a team, however due to the current situation you might not work together in the office anymore. You meet daily "on-line" about the progress of your project, but do you really know how your collegaues are coping? What do the find challenging personally, what kind of support you can give eachother (virtually)? VIGO helps teams monitor and analyze their work-energy for even more effective collaboration and team spirit.


Curious to see how VIGO can increase work-energy and results within your organization?

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